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NPDI offers a platform for advancing your skills through online study combined with face-to-face lectures.

with affordable access to our services in an upscale, innovative environment.

Business education online - short courses, diplomas, doctorates

Short Courses

Our short courses are geared to executive education for business.
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Professional Services

NPDI provides various academic support services to its patrons.
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Study at NPDI

Neo-Professional Development Institute (NPDI) was established to provide high-level professional development, training and coaching services in Namibia, thereby contributing to the shared responsibility to narrow the gap between graduation and employment.
NPDI uses a blended teaching method of online study as well as scheduled face-to-face lectures. This allows a more flexible schedule so that our students are able to study part time and continue working.
NPDI partners with internationally accredited academic institutions to deliver well-designed academic programmes ranging from Certificates through to PhD programmes in various disciplines, mostly focusing on Research programmes, Digital Transformation, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Leadership. Our Short courses are current and delivered by well qualified and experienced industry experts.